Kid A - BB Bleu released 3 June 2013 on 12" vinyl and download - pre-order now at the Ninjashop, iTunes and Amazon.

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Kid A - BB Bleu

Technicolour Records is proud to present Virginia, USA based musical prodigy Kid A, and her debut single; the sensuous, ultra-modern love song 'BB Bleu'. Kid A - AKA Ann Alexander Thweatt - grew up in fertile loneliness, her imagination providing the excitement that her surroundings didn't. Discovering her grandfather's jazz collection led to a more serious delving into subculture in her teens, and she began playing with electronic loops and sounds, and developing the rich, startling voice that truly marks her out.

'BB Bleu' was originally demoed by Kid A herself, but was picked up and properly produced by Pierre Serafini, AKA Opti. The France based producer and boss of bass music label Airflex Labs loved the original demo (included on the single) and worked on it along with Kid A's initially internet-procured mentor and musical soulmate, the French techno producer Agoria. Its sparse, icy drums and warmer, textural melodies provide the perfect backdrop for Kid A's yearning, personal musings on desire. It's like a rainy-day French blues played through modular synths and transposed into US soul.

The single comes complete with a brilliant package of remixes. Man of the moment Eliphino brings his bracing take on house music to the table, providing a moodily irresistible dancefloor workout. Technicolour label mate Dolor takes things a touch more ambient, fracturing melodies and vocals and adding tentative synths and bass textures. Finally, Kid A's second musical mentor, Daedelus, reworks her debut single with his trademark, masterful skill. His remix is idiosyncratic and atmospheric, and a perfect, dark-mirror inversion of the original.

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